The designer presented her cruise collection within the Holiday Fashion Week-2012 in Odessa.

The author stayed true to herself, betting on the classics. But despite the adherence to classical canons, the images created by Ksenia Mamedova are not trivial and boring. The designer’s fashion tip is a combination of different texture fabrics and love for details.

Saint-Tropez — this world-famous town of the French Cote d’Azur, its magical atmosphere inspired the author to create the collection of the same name. Not the least role in the choice of the theme was played by the designer’s passion for French cinema. Each image is a part of the unique relaxed atmosphere of the 60s, without unnecessary pathos and glamor. Noble simplicity, elegance and positivity — these are her three main «whales». The heroine of the collection «Saint-Tropez» is the personification of the heroine of the movie, the daughter of the gendarme from Saint-Tropez Nicole — radiant, bringing goodness to people, radiating love, light, cheerful and creative.

The nautical theme was chosen as the basis for the images. Accordingly, the key colors of the collection are white, blue and red. Shades of sandy and golden also contribute to the general color scheme — practically the whole palette of a summer day by the sea with its white sands, golden dawns and purple sunsets, sea waves of turquoise to indigo color. As for fabrics, silk, jersey and chiffon prevail in the collection. Among the original details applied by the designer, it is worth noting the decorative elements in the form of anchors in the finishing of T-shirts, skirts with wedges and «half-sun», sleeve trimming with flounces, a lot of skirts and dresses «in the floor», floral prints, an abundance of stripes, gold hardware.

Casual, sophisticated, stylish. And very summery!